What do you see? #8

Joy can be found sitting in a tree
Joy can be found sitting in a tree


Pastor Melvin drove down from Alexandria to spend the day with us. I consider him to be my Pastor.

This Friday evening at 6:30pm we will be at Amanda Fellowship in Maurice, Louisiana. Sunday we will be at Word of Life at 9:30am in Patterson, Louisiana.

Pastor David will arrive Thursday at Casa and his ten will arrive on Saturday. He will be with us for a few weeks.

Tuesday the elementary school students participated in an academic olympics in San Bartolome’ & Thursday the high school will participate in an academic olympics also.

Little Anthony will have his medical procedure Thursday morning and I ask for your prayers. Little Keiser, kidney, is still in the hospital.



Jesus tells us in Matthew 15:10-11 that it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles us but it is what comes out (BROUGHT FORTH) of our mouth that defiles us. he Apostles ask Him to explain and He says in verses 16-18 that those things which proceed out of our mouths come from our heart and they defile us.

What? Do you mean it isn’t the devil that brings evil in my life. It isn’t the government that causes my problems. It isn’t the neighbors, my family, my boss or my relatives. You mean it is MY HEART!!! Oh yes! Jesus goes on in verses 19-20 to name a few evils and says “evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness and blasphemies are the things that defile a man”.

Drat! You mean that I cannot blame it on someone else? The soul is part of the heart and the soul is where the heart is located. Just like the Pharisees we can get our eyes on the outward man and not even consider what is in our own heart. Jesus was saying “Your heart is what makes the difference. God is not interested in clean hands but a clean heart”.

Where do your negative thoughts about your health, your bills, your fears, etc come from. They are thoughts that can destroy your life.Those negative thoughts are what keep us from prospering or healing or BRINGING FORTH His will for our lives. ¬†What is in your heart controls what is happening in your life. The Book of Job tells us “That what Job feared came to pass”. And this is what is happening to thousands of Christians daily. You EXPECT things to go wrong. You expect to stay sick or stay poor. You expect that you and your spouse cannot heal the marriage. You expect things to remain as they always have been.