What do you see? #13

Dinner on the ground
Dinner on the ground

This is Independence week in Guatemala which means our children are involved in academic competition, athletic competition, parades and games all week.

We spent most of the day shopping for our grandchildren. We love Christian Book stores so after shopping we went to the Semonary and on to other book stores.


Ten spies saw the problems and two spies saw the blessings. The 10 saw walled cities and giants as well as other reasons why they should not or could not enter the promised land. They believed in their hearts and therefore SAW in their hearts all the reasons why they could not obey God. I am sure they were saying “I cannot do that. We cannot win. This is impossible. This is too hard.”

So God agreed with their VISION and told them “You will not enter into the promised land. You will all die in the wilderness. You are getting exactly what you SEE (visualize) in your heart”.

But there were two very special men of vision. Caleb and Joshua saw things entirely differently. “We can do it, They are bread for us. Let’s go whip those suckers. God is with us.” Joshua and Caleb had a different vision, a different dream and certainly different treasures in their hearts”. They saw the same giants but whereas the 10 saw he giants bigger than Jehovah Caleb and Joshua saw God as larger than the giants.

Do you realize that when all of this who had an evil vision died God took those with the good vision into the Promised Land? And even later Caleb said to Joshua “Give me the mountain”. Now he was 85 years old and should have been in a rocking chair on social security. But he told Joshua that he would defeat the enemies on that mountain and take the land for his daughters. Most 85 year olds are afraid to cross the street.

Have you ever heard someone say “What you see is what you get”? Well, in Proverbs 22:9 God says it to you and me. “He that has a bountiful eye shall be blessed”. What you SEE is what you GET.

We are moving out to build a hospital that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build, equip and operate. I SEE OPPORTUNIY!! I SEE CHILDREN SAVED!!! I SEE MIRACLE!!!

I hope you can see the same thing in order for us to walk together.