What do you see? #12

Rosario lives, works and loves the dialysis children
Rosario lives, works and loves the dialysis children. The glasses are Rosario’s.

After sharing at Word of Life in Patterson, La. which has been a faithful partner in our work in Guatemala sine the very beginning in 1989 , we drove to the outskirts of New Orleans so that Monday we cn go to the Baptist Theological Seminary book store.

I am sharing the vision of the Dialysis and Critical Care Hospital we will build. I need $1,000,000 but we can begin construction with $300,000 so I know that my Heavenly Father is faithful, loves the children more than I do and He will provide if we are obedient. I know that by the end of this trip we will be ready to build. We will tear down the Gringo kitchen and the Barney Building if you are familiar with Casa. We will refurbish the yellow career girl’s dorm as a visitor’s dorm and kitchen facilities. Then we will convert the old school into a college dorm for girls.



Everyone on earth has a vision. some have good visions and are living positive lives while others are filled with negative vision and experiencing that toe of life. A vision is a goal or a dream or a hope or a direction or a plan. It is a blueprint or a map or a destination you seek to arrive at. We all see life as either good or bad.

If you have a small vision you will live a small life. You are not going to rise higher than your vision. The circumstances of my life are simply a result of my vision. Oh, it is easier to blame someone else for your plight. “The devil made me do it”. You cannot imagine how many times I have had children with bad grades tell me the teacher did not like them. If we do not get the promotion it is easier to blame it on “The boss doesn’t like me” or “The man who got the promotion was ………”.

But you decide what goes into our heart. As long as you make excuses nothing can change. When you take God at His Word you will begin to change your heart. The Bible made me want to live a different way. If I told you everything about my youth and young adulthood you would think I was one of the most sinful people you know. When I saw dottie’s father loving God, friends, family and even enemies I WANTED SOME OF THAT!

It was what I saw that made me decide I did not like the tree I was living in. I wanted a new tree. I believed that he had what I was looking for. I remember walking the aisle when I visited his church for the first time. I did not even know what to say. He asked me “Mike, what do you need?” and my answer was “I don’t know what I need but I know what I want. I want whatever makes you who you are.”

From that moment I could see my life filled with opportunity and abundance. I realized that my heart would dictate who I was and what I would become. I began to see the world in a different light. In fact, I saw everything in a different light.