What do you see? #11

Tony and buddies
Tony and buddies

Dottie and I were able to see  our girls & grandchildren Friday night after church & then Saturday morning before we had brunch with Taylor & Cheryl in Lafayette.

From there to Patterson where we ate (yes again!) with Nell, Mark & Julie before watching the LSU game.

The results on Anthony, Bubba’s little boy, is liver disease and a clot. They will know more on Tuesday. Keep praying!


I suppose you think I am running this theme into the ground and I will try to conclude with this and the next lesson. We have seen that to change the fruit in our lives we must change the tree. We further saw that if we o not have a vision we are hopeless and without direction.

In Matthew 6:22 Jesus says that the light of the body is the eye and if that eye is single the entire body will be filled with light. Jesus is saying that the way I view life will decide whether I have a light filled and beautiful life or a a darkened and hopeless life. Your spiritual vision is the light of your life.

If you view things negatively your life will be dark and empty. But if you view things positively you will see good things and you will see blessings. The way I see life is what will control me.

An example is easy to see at Casa. I have had personnel who thought (and actually said) that they were called to Casa. They did not last too long because of their vision. They saw everything in a negative light. Whether it was their vision of me or of another staff member or of certain children the vision they had brought darkness to their lives and they lost the direction which God had planned for the to walk. It happens everyday throughout the world. You can the good or you can see the bad. But I promise you that you will see one or the other.

Since Jesus tells us to make the tree good or make the tree evil He is saying that we have control of that. I can see the good in a child or I can see the bad. I determine what I see. Whether it is “seeing” my marriage, my church, my boss, my President, my country or my children I will determine whether I see the good or the bad. I am responsible for what I see!!!!


Do not say “Someday”. GO FOR THE VISION NOW!!!!!!!!