What do you see? #10

We drove to KAJN radio in Crowley & dropped off tapes of my daily teachings. We visited with Brother Barry who is an old, dear friend.

Then we had lunch with Dr Hines & that was followed with ACUPUNTURE at Acadian Pain Clinic.

Our first preaching session was in Maurice at Amanda & the folks were very receptive.

The Judge´s visit was a great success. They loved the place. The Judges’ comment was that it is a pretty place, but the best thing is that the kids look happy. They said that they have heard so many good thing about Casa and now they can be certain the kids are at the best place possible.


As I type these lessons in August I am caught between a vision and a reality. My heart has ached for a few years since burying little Anthony. I can never forget that child. Now I can smile because I know that Jesus has given him the living water and he is no longer thirsty. I know that he is not in pain from kidney failure. After Anthony there were Luis, Maritza and Sergio who all died from kidney failure and wh are in the arms of Jesus. So my heart is at peace concerning them, their salvation and their release from pain.

But, because of them, I have a vision, a goal, a desire, a hunger, hope, a desire and now a plan. Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision the people perish”. To perish is to die. When we cannot see Who God is and what He is doing in our lives we will perish, quit, lose heart and be blind to the step we are to take.

Another way to quote Proverbs 29:18 is “Where there is no vision the people are confused”. That is not a bad description of what is going on in the world today. Confusion reigns all over the world. Don’t you know that God would love for all of His children to be successful and happy? He is a better Father than we are and I want my kids to be successful and happy.

But all I can do for my children is to plant the seeds that we saw when this series began. I want them to prosper and be in health. I teach them what God says. I plant the seeds and I have to trust they will allow those seeds to grow and bring them good jibs, good health, good marriages and good _______.  But that is all I can do and that is all that God can do for us. He plants the seeds.

My vision today I a hospital to care for the critically ill children who come to Casa. I believe my God is able to make this happen. I believe that He loves the children with diabetes, cancer, AIDS and kidney failure more than I do. I can look in my natural bank account and cry in hopelessness or I can keep my vision alive by looking to Christ and His bank account. Jesus said that we are not to prevent the children from coming to Him.