Pain Has A Purpose #9

Must be supper time!
Must be supper time!

Sunday at 9:30am and 10:30am this Sunday we will be at 7 Mile Post Road Church of Christ in Athens, Alabama.


Pain has a way of speaking to our bodies. Everyone can identify with what I mean when I say our bodies tell us when to slow down and rest. It takes discipline to obey our bodies. My surgeon made it clear that regardless of what I use to do I will have to make changes now. I hate the thought of what has happened the last 5 months following surgery as my body clearly is telling me that I need to slow down.

The battle within my head is far more difficult than the battle in my physical body. If I overdo something physically I HAVE to slow down. But then I pay the price for not having obeyed my physician. Romans 13:14 says that we are “not to give occasion to the flesh” and although that can mean sinful desires it also can be interpreted that I cannot let my flesh be the boss but rather the spirit man needs control.

Tim said recently “You have had your hand in every building constructed here at Casa but you will not be able to do that with the hospital construction”. Oh, that hurts but only because it is true. If we get near the fire we get burned and if we stay away from the fire we do not get burned. Easy to understand! Now I have to learn to avoid standing near the fire. My heart wants to stay involved physically in everything that happens at Casa but my body is saying that I need to slow down..

The flesh always wants gratification NOW. It does not want to wait a day, a week or any time whatsoever. An enemy is anyone or anything that feeds your weaknesses. Samson’s enemy was womanizing; David’s was lust; Peter’s was pride and the list can go on because we all have weaknesses. We stand against those enemies by controlling our minds.