Pain Has A Purpose #8

Lining up for a "goodie"
Lining up for a “goodie”

Although we have not had as many dates to minister this trip has been a blessing as we are getting to spend time together and read and rest. I read John Dean’s new book “The Nixon Defense” over the last 3 days and it is a 740 page tome. But since I remember Watergate it was ‘must read’ material.

The service at Saraland Methodist with Pastor Mike was a blessing.

Chad and Abby came to visit with us. They will come in November to become parents in the baby dorm. They will be such sweet parents to the babies.

Gladys emailed to say we had 4 new children.

Jim & Kate were given an auto so they are blessed.


When God created the earth and everything in it He used the purpose of SEEDS. The seed of an oak has an entire oak tree within in. The seed of a human being had an entire person within it. Seeds contain promise. When my grandfather would plant soy bean seeds he had the expectation and hope that within those tiny seeds were a crop that would produce abundantly and provide us with food, shelter, etc for the year.

But for his soy bean seeds to produce they had to be planted into the arty and die and rise again in a different form. When the earth broke open what came forth did not resemble soy beans. It was a plant and it was being resisted by the ground but forced itself through that resistance in order to bring forth life. A seed can only produce when it is resisted.

Jesus told us in John 12:24 that “When a grain of wheat falls into the ground it dies and if it dies it will produce MUCH fruit.” What comes forth is so much more than what was planted. When a bear, a lion and eventually the giant appears in your life it is because God is allowing resistance in your life to see what will come out of you. ┬áSeeds have POTENTIAL and so do we!

God knows what is inside of you and He brings resistance so YOU CAN KNOW WHAT IS INSIDE OF YOU.