Pain Has A Purpose #7


Wendy, dialysis child, preparing for the queen's competition.
Wendy, dialysis child, preparing for the queen’s competition.

W had a wonderful meal with Teddie & Lisa. Their love for Guatemala is powerful.

Wednesday evening we will be at Saraland United Methodist Church in Saraland, Alabama. From there we will head north for a Sunday morning service in Athens, Alabama.

I have had folks ask about the meeting February 29th in The Woodlands Texas. If you reconsidering helping us to build the hospital and desire to attend the meeting you can contact Jessica at


If David had stayed in the background and just lived his life as a shepherd there would have been no Goliath. Satan hates us and will do things to harm us but his real viciousness becomes apparent when we are given an assignment by God. Once we have a purposed established in our lives Satan will do all he can to destroy the vision.

Every person who has ever walked this earth was created for a purpose. That purpose is to be something for God. Ephesians 1:12 says that we are to BE a praise. Not only do we praise God but our lives should be a praise UNTO God. God wants me to resemble Him. He wants you to resemble Him. That is our first and most profound purpose for living. Our lives should make a difference. We should reflect His love, mercy, compassion, generosity, hospitality and so on.

When you read the Word of God you realize that for the first 30 years of His life Satan did not attack Christ. It was at the water baptism in the River Jordan that God finally identified the Messiah He had foretold to Adam and Eve in the garden thousands of years earlier. With this information Satan prepared his weapons to do all he could to destroy the purpose for which Jesus came to earth. No longer was Jesus the son of Mary…now He was the Son of God.

“If you are the Son of God” was the question used by Satan 3 times to bring doubt to Jesus as to Who He was. The first attack of Satan will not be towards what we are doing but rather the first attack will always be TO TEST WHO WE ARE!!!!! Satan wants you to be something that God did not call you to be.