Pain Has A Purpose #4

More independence activity
More independence activity

We are in Mobile after walking for exercise on the beach at Gulfport. Sunday morning at both 8am and 9:30am we will be at Friendship Baptist in Grand Bay, Alabama. In the evening we will share with Bayou La Batre’ Church of God in Irvington, Alabama at 6pm.

Although I would have liked to have been able to share at more churches the down time this past week has been excellent for my health. My back is improving daily.

The figures are staggering to me but not to God. Construction costs will be about $232,200 and equipping it for 36 dialysis patients will be another $195,702. The legal work done by our lawyer will be about $40,000 and the architect fee about $25,000. When we begin salaries will be $6,763 per month (unbelievably this is for 2 part-time physicians and 6 full time nurses). The monthly cost of medication and dialysis liquids will be $46,800 which totals $561,600. So our step of faith is large but our Heavenly Father is larger. We only need $500,000 and we can be in the business of ministering life to many more children. Natural and Spiritual Life!!


Our staff has to minister to hundreds of children who have been abandoned, abused, raped, affected by incest and other horrible pains that no one should have to endure. But what is so amazing and wonderful is that Jesus heals those children and raises them up for a life of success. So many not only get healed emotionally but they learnt forgive and become someone no one could have dreamed.

Why is that? Because God does not make mistakes. He created each of us and He never makes a mistake. We are created in His image and brought into this life at the very moment that He decided before time began. He has a plan for each life. No one was created in order to be “wasted” or to waste their lives.

He has a plan for me and you. When we seek to know our purpose it upsets the devil. As long as we are purposeless we are of no value to God and no threat to the devil. Satan has no desire to see the will of God perfected on our lives. We all have a blueprint or a framework in life. I look at the architectural plans for the hospital and I cannot understand everything. But I can see enough to know what my next step in construction should be. That is what a child of God is given. God gives a framework–not the finished product and He tells us to follow as far as we can see and more is revealed as we walk.

I do not know every detail of my life but I know enough to tay moving in a certain direction.