Pain Has A Purpose! #1

Class queens for Independence Day
Class queens for Independence Day



Many, in fact many, many, years ago when I was playing football I hated summer workouts. In south Louisiana it was stifling heat and tremendously high humidity. But the worst thing was the fact we played against one another. We scrimmaged 1st team against 2nd team every day.

We had no enemy!!

When the first game finally came around we had an enemy. It did not matter if it were Marksville or Ville Platte or Mamou We Had An Enemy! Enemies tell us the truth abut who we really are. In fact, you will never now how strong you are as a Christian until you have an enemy. If you never fight an extraordinary battle you will only be an average Christian. David had to have Goliath! Without Goliath we would know Little about the character of David.

Would we think the same of Joseph if he had not had brothers, Potiphar’s wife, the Baker and Butler or eventually Pharoh? Samson had to have the Philistines and Paul had to have the Pharisees. Jesus need both Peter and Judas as the enemy in order to show the world Who He was.

Playing ball against ourselves proved very little but the first real game we played had a purpose which was to reveal to us who we were.  Enemies exist to inflict pain but if you hang in here with me you will see that pain has a purpose.