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boys prayin after 1st instalation
boys prayin after 1st instalation
marcos, benjamin, & brian after installing the stove for the lady who lost her baby
marcos, benjamin, & brian after installing the stove for the lady who lost her baby

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Hey yal hope all is well. I am horrible at updating so here goes some catch up.

So with Independence day coming up the school has been doing a lot of different activities starting last week with a soccer tournament in the junior high and high school. Then this week more activities
goin on. So they have been playing their tournament on the field below the school. The teachers asked me to play on their team which I immediately thought “this is a mistake on their part for asking.” However
I took it as a challenge, even though I tried to tell them me playing soccer was a disaster they insisted.
Now yes I do have a college degree in physical education and enjoy playing all sports except soccer, I have
played soccer less than 10 times in my life and I have lived here in Guatemala for more than 7 years.That
should show you my desire for the sport. So I show up and try to play, the ball would come my way at a fairly fast speed and normally I would end up kicking the air. One time I tried putting my feet together
to stop it and it rolled right through my legs. I guess I should have taken my paw-paw up on his offer years ago to straighten my legs ( yes I’m pretty bow legged.) But hey I kept playing then all of a sudden the ball came down the field from one teammate to the other then over to me( who was literally standing
maybe 5 feet from the goal. I stuck my foot out the ball hit it and rolled in for a goal (good thing I got big feet).
It was for sure a complete credit to my teammate for placing the ball at my foot. I tell you that story because of
what GOD taught me after the game. You see all the kids were saying Adam you scored a goal, yea!!! But I was like nope my team did but they went on for days different kids would come up and say Adam yea you scored a goal, even though
we lost 3-2. I was then reminded that the kids took it as GOD takes or lives because of CHRIST. You see the ball rolled through my legs once, I kicked air abunch of times but yet what the kids remembered was the goal that came off my foot.
Thats how GOD is when we ask for forgiveness. HE don’t remember our past sins, HE don’t keep record of
our wrongs HE just cheers us on when we are obedient to HIM and score a goal for the KINGDOM by living HIM
loud with our actions.
“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake;
And I will not remember your sins. Isaiah 43:25

I played again on monday and it was a worst disaster but we had fun.

Last Friday Vilma and I were blessed to take 7 teenage boys to help instal 5 stoves to our future neighbors up on the mountain. Larry and a good friend of our outreach ministry also helped. There are 14 families on the road that leads to the property and all of them cook on an open fire in an outside inclosed addition to their
house. This is common in Guatemala unfortunately, it causes many to constantly have respiratory problems and never really get over the sickness. The stoves we installed uses less than half the wood to cook with and vents out the roof through an aluminum pipe, keeping the smoke from entering the kitchen. A group from Elevation Church in Charlotte North Carolina donated 5 so we have 9 families
left to buy stoves for. The stoves are approximately $130 each if anyone is interested in helping us buy and install the rest for the families there.
Now back to our helpers. Since we started outreach GOD has been opening more doors for our kids to get involved in ministry outside. This time I chose boys who had taken the time to help me move something at casa the week before. If they are willing to help at casa then they for sure are worthy of doing so outside.The boys had never done this before neither had I and so I told them lets pay attention to the first one very well because they needed to be precisely installed part by part. so after the first one they divided in two groups and began installing stoves and praying for the families afterwards,
finishing one and moving to the next, with Larry following up and cutting the hole out for the pipe. We were so blessed and impressed thus proud
of these boys.

When we finished and got home I explained to them how GOD had chosen the families in whom to give the stoves too, since we had 14 families and only 5 stoves. We had just prayed that GOD would just guide us to the people HE wanted to receive stoves first. So with the list in hand 3 days prior to installing we looked at the list and went to the community. Chose families and began to go tell them that they had been chosen as the first ones. I love it when GOD just takes control. One lady had just lost her baby 6 months in the womb two weeks prior, another lady was a widow with 5 children working the best she could to make ends meet,and another was a pastor which is one of the things we feel the LORD is gonna use the property for to uplift and encourage those serving HIM 24/7. Apart from the pastor we had no clue about the other ladies situations. GOD is so good!!!

GOD has big plans for the kids at casa aleluya, thanks for helping give these boys a chance if you pray and/or support casa you had a hand in this.
If you do feel being led and would want to help with these stoves email me at

my apologies for the long update.

Blessings in CHRIST,
adam and vilma clemmons