Decisions #9


The queen and her court
The queen and her court


Today was our son’s 42 birthday. So we spent most of the day with Chad as well as prepared for the Monday evening meeting in The Woodlands

Andrews says “We all are either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis or about to enter a crisis. ┬áHis thought is that we are still alive and still useful so we can do something about our crisis. John Adams said during his presidency that “If we do not lay ourselves out in the service of mankind, whom shall we serve?” In other words he is saying that we have a purpose for our lives that goes beyond ourselves.

The children on dialysis at Casa are so special. Jose is 17, Luis is 15 as is Sindy I and they continue to push forward. The younger children, Marjorie, Sindy 2, Keiser, Wendy and Karen just keep pressing on in spite of the killer that lives within them. The word that I see that applies to them is PERSISTENCE. They will not quit!

I cannot give up on them when I see how they refuse to give in to the disease wrecking their bodies. How can I despair when I see them smile, hear them laugh, watch them sing? Each of them knows that they are battling for their lives. They are not stupid. They know the outcome but they refuse to lay down and cry. They have hope!

Years ago I was asked who the devil was. There are many terms to describe this evil creature. But my definition of Satan is “HE IS A DREAM BUSTER”. That is what he desires to do. He wants to steal my dreams and your dreams and take away all hope of victory and success.