Decisions #8

Juan teaching guitar
Juan teaching guitar

This morning when I awoke in Natchitoches where I graduated 50 years ago.  I did not want to disturb Dottie so I went to the motel lobby to drink coffee. A few minutes later a group of African American construction workers came and each fixed a plate and left to eat in their room except for one. He hesitated only momentarily & then he said “The Lord wants you to have peace. Everything will be paid for. The dream you have will be a reality. Rest in the Lord”. My heart leaped & as he left the peace of God came upon me as never before. The critical care hospital will be a reality soon.

We had lunch with a old friend, Linda, and then arrived in Lake Charles to pack & prepare for the trip to Houston and then home to Guatemala.

Sharon sent me the following:  In order to finish the Hogar class for this year, Flor and I are working with Basico students. They are making a booklet of Guatemalan recipes. We are teaching about nutrition, and they are all taking turns cooking a meal in the blue building using one of the recipes.  Some of the boys cooked lunch on Saturday of last week. They fixed Pulique (soup). They had a lot of fun!


How many people have you known who have said that they are going to do such and such but they are waiting on God? Too many!! A person of prayer should make decisions QUICKLY and change their minds SLOWLY. If you want to fail then make decisions SLOWLY and change your mind QUICKLY.

An American Indian proverb says this “Man who stand on top of mountain with mouth open wait long time for roast turkey to fly in”. Yet, this is the average Christian. They just think they can stand still, do nothing, wait on God and all blessings will flow. But that is untrue. “Be a doer of the Word” God tells us.

The average Christian when he is experiencing failure or defeat he lies on the couch, holds the remote in his hand, feels sorry for himself and DOES NOTHING. God is waiting on you to get up and get busy with what you are clued to do.

Calvin Coolidge who was not a great president one said “We cannot do everything t once, but by God, we can do something”. Do you remember the numbers I gave you concerning critically ill children in Guatemala? We have over 200 children with kidney failure, hundreds with cancer, more with AIDS and a great group with childhood diabetes.

We are taking steps to do what we can. I know that at this point we cannot care for over 200 children with kidney failure(and this could be because of my lack of faith) but I know that we can do something. The fact that I cannot care for 200 ill children is not going to prevent us and those who stand with us from ministering to 36 children.

Andrew Jackson said “Quit thinking and get doing!” I refuse to retreat because there are so many sick children. I will go forward. I can only fail if I QUIT and I will not QUIT!!

Many people are praying for the new hospital and others are giving financially. They are not quitting! Be part of this miracle!!