Decisions #7


The new visitor's dorm
The new visitor’s dorm (First step in order to begin the hospital construction)

It does not take a genius to figure out that Satan is attacking me physically when there is this huge step of faith we have taken concerning the hospital construction for critically ill children.

Marjorie had to have her catheter placed into her leg. This is a consequence of having to move the catheter so many times due to infection, etc. She is in pain so pray for her.


A church that does not live for others is not much of a church. There was akan by the name of Buckminister Fuller who was 32 years old in 1927 when he stood near Lake Michigan and was on the verge of suicide. His first child died, he was bankrupt and he felt as though he was a failure to his wife. As he stood praying the Word of God came to him in his heart and he heard this: “If my life belongs not to myself but to otters(Jesus) then what can I do for others?”

He made a decision to give his life to others and eventually he was awarded 25 US patents, wrote 28 books, received 47 hoary doctor’s degrees in the arts sciences, the humanities and engineering. He would eventually circle the globe 57 times teaching and preaching to literally millions of people.

Have you eve considered that when you are faced with the decision to do nothing or to do something it is better to do something? Leading is doing! Quit waiting and start DOING!!