Decisions #6

Different Mayan Tribes
Different Mayan Tribes



The reason I felt so bad yesterday was that we a had a blow-out so had to unload all the trunk, jack-up th car & change the tire beef reloading the car & finding a place to buy a new tire so I was worn out.

We are in Bixby, Oklahoma and I have decided this afternoon that I would go on and cancel the meeting at First Baptist in Monroe and go on back to Lake Charles. I need to start feeling better with the main meeting about the hospital being next Monday evening. So pray I can recover.


Sheep or Lion? Andrews said “An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep”. I read the story of a 12 year old boy who, whole asking, heard screams and ran to the corner of the block only to see a house burning. He ran towards the house screaming for help and telling people to call 911. Running into the house he grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran upstairs to apply it. When it emptied he ran outside and grabbing a hose he watered the room to the point that when the firefighters arrived the fire was out.

He was called a hero. The entire town gave him honor. His response “I am not really a hero. I did not really think of myself a a hero. I REALLY DID NOT THINK AT ALL”. That is who we are supposed to be. People who ACT and not just ponder the circumstances.

Just like the fools in the wilderness who ‘saw’ giants instead of god most Christians overthink and by doing so rob themselves of the miracles in their path.

For what will you be remembered? Has your life made a difference? Let me tell you here of a great American. Thomas Jefferson.

He said that he believed in luck. “The harder I work the more luck I have”.

Jefferson farmed 10,000 acres; he was a surveyor and also speculated in land and land development; he built and operated a nail factory; he was an extraordinary horseman and even was riding 2 months before his death at 83; he was an architect; he founded the University of Virginia; he designed the campus; he hired all of the professors; he wrote the curriculum; he began a horticulturist, naturalist and meteorologist; he was an exceptional chess player; an accomplished vocalist and singer as well as a violin player and owned a Stradivarius; he was president of the American Philosophical Society for 20 years; he was an alumus and became regent of William and Mary University for 20 years; he was fluant in Latin, Greek, Frenach and Italian; he studied Anglo-Saxon, German and Indian dialects; he read and collected over 2,700 books by age 40; he created the US Patent Office; he was creator of the Library of Congress; and he created the US monetary system. He was a lawyer, he was twice the governor of Virginia; he was the US minister to France; he was the first US Secretary of State; he was both vice-president and President of the US; and he authored the greatest document in world history–The Declaration of Independence.

How did he do it? He said he was able to do it because “I woke hop before the sun did.” ¬†Early to bed——————