Decisions #5

I have never felt so badly for years. I woke uo ill and stayed that way all day. I am feeling a little better this evening.



One of the truths of decision making is that we must not just sit and wait for God to do something. It is imperative that we ‘do something’. Either you will be active or you will not. Anyone who desires to be a leader HAS to be in front. You cannot lead from the midst of the crowd. You have to get in front of the pack.

So many people whom I have know tell me they are “wiring on God”. But let me tell you folks GOD IS WAITING ON YOU”. I heard a man say that a successful person makes decisions quickly and changes his mind slowly. whereas an unsuccessful person will make decisions slowly and and change his mind quickly. YOU CANNOT FEAR FAILURE!!

Read this list and tell me what you remember. Scott, McDowell, Fremont, McClellan, Halleck, Rosecrans, McClernand, Burnside and Banks. One or two of the names give you a hint. These were Abraham Lincoln’s DO NOTHING generals in the onset of the Civil War. They were afraid to make a decision. They were afraid to face RE Lee.

Now how about this name? Ulysses GRANT! A drunkard but the first of the 10 generals appointed by Lincoln to be PROACTIVE. He moved forward. He was bold. He dared to attack. Fear less! You see all of the other 10 men appointed by Lincoln were AFRAID to engage the enemy. So they did nothing! What easily could have been a one year ward becomes the deadliest in history.

Andrews says “An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep”