Decisions #10

Academic Olympics Participants
Academic Olympics Participants

Sharon, who has been with us the last few years will be levying Casa in November. She has been such a blessing in the sewing ministry & has taught so many girls & boys. sadly, we all come to know that “Everything has a season”.

Satan never quits. As soon as I tried to transfer money from one account to another in Guatemala the system started acting up. Tim, Tony and Sebastian will have to straighten it out Monday. I have to pay salaries Tuesday.

Dottie & I are in The Woodlands with Earl & Pat where we met with Dr Jim Street and shared the proposal with him. He and his wife had been ministering in Guatemala for many years before she passed away.


Truth is never dependent upon a consensus of opinion. When we went to Guatemala 25 years ago most of our friends thought I was just being emotional and that we would return to America within 3 years. The majority was wrong. In fact, if you look throughout history at people who attempted to make a difference most of them never had a majority standing behind them. You who are reading this update probably have examples in your own life where you felt the need to do something and others thought you were totally out of your mind.

Hearing God is all that matters. If you wait for the opinions of others you will drown yourself in wasted efforts. Godly counsel is always critical but listen to God and then have Godly friends, etc pray with you.

I love Billy Graham and one thing I heard him say was “I am always amazed at how many people in trouble confuse God’s will for their life with plain old bad decision making”. Maybe it does not strike you as strongly as it struck me. Dumb decisions are those decisions made without prayer and Bible reading. Dumb follows us when we lean to our own understanding.

When we went to Guatemala we knew a little bit but not the entire picture. All we can do as Christians is take the next step God tells us to take. If you are waiting for God to light the entire path it will not happen. The Word says “He lights my feet”. It is only the next step God will often times show you. He expects you to walk in faith.

Elbert use to say “God will not build a bridge until you step on the water”.