Decision Making #1

Independence Day Runners
Independence Day Runners

Mission Fiesta was unable to come to Guatemala this year after more than a dozen “Birthday Parties” held for all the kids at Casa over the years. They sent the money for the party and Pastor David will host it tonight.

The footers are in and the blocks will begin to be laid on Monday for the extension of the career Dorm which will now be a Gringo dorm so we can remove 2 buildings for the hospital construction.

I pre-packed 5 suitcases while Dottie shopped.


Harry Truman was my most favorite President in American History. Winston Churchill the British Prime Minister is my most favorite person in world history. Why?

Truman made this statement: “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. Churchill was akan of like character in that he never blamed anyone else for his failures or errors in judgment. Truman just simply said that his was the last word and he would accept all responsibility for his decisions. Taking responsibility, to me, is the single most important quality that a Christian should possess.

I am responsible for my life–for who I am–for what I do–for what I will become. To blame others or expect others to be my strength are cop-outs.  I am the only who who can control my thoughts, my decisions, my choices and my emotions. I cannot blame you if I am angry at you. I cannot blame my parents if I have not succeeded in life.

I am where I am today because of my own decisions. Whatever situation I find myself, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially or emotionally it is due to my decisions today as well as yesterday. There were five Clark children and we both had the same father and mother. We all had the same problems and blessings yet my older brother committed suicide and my younger brother died due to drug abuse. Who is responsible?

My sisters made it to the top of their professions and have been married only one time and they both have children. My life has been used of God and so who is responsible for success or depression? Each of us were responsible for our own lives.

In a world filled with blame and casting stones at everything from “My great-grandfather was a slave and I deserve….” or “I have been divorced 5 times because of my…..” or “I could not get a job because my….”. You can fill in the blanks for yourself.

If I fail it is due to my decisions. If I succeed it is due to my decisions. If I quit(a job, a marriage, a church) it is due to my decisions. It always comes down to what I have decided to do.  Never, Never, Never say “It is not my fault”. Sure, if your husband leaves you for another woman that is not your fault but how you react and what you do from that moment own will be decided by your choices in life.

When our babies died Dottie never criticized God or me or the doctors. She simply believed that sometime in the future she would be a mother. God honored that decision. Assuming responsibility is all about having hope and taking control of your life.