A future great
A future great

Dottie & I met with my board chairman, Wes, and wife Sueann for lunch. We went over the architect drawings for the hospital.

We arrived in Fayteteville where we spent time with Dottie’s brother, Jim, and wife Linda. Went to the hotel rely as I am very, very tired & experiencing more back pain then at anytime on the trip. Yesterday was a difficult day.


One decision that I feel all Christians can make is to serve others. Serving others is a corner stone of the Christian faith. It is a necessary activity in order for God to bless us and use us to the fullest. There were many Vanderbilt’s in the last 2 centuries and they were some of the wealthiest people in America. One, Alfred Vanderbilt, was the son of Cornelius who amassed an incredible fortune in shipping and railroad.

All of the children wanted to start at the top but Alfred asked his father to start him out as a clerk. The brothers wanted to be “managers” while Alfred wanted to learn the business from the ground up. When Cornelius died and his last will and testament was read each of the brothers and sisters received $ 7,000,000 but Alfred was given $ 76,000,000. Cornelius said that “Servants become kings”.

He sank to his death when the ship, the Lusitania, was sunk by the Germans. Those who survived said that Alfred was tying life jackets on babies until he himself drowned. He had given his life jacket to a woman with a child.

If our lives belong to God and therefore to others what can we do to make a difference in this world.