Mission Fiesta party hosted by Pastor David
Mission Fiesta party hosted by Pastor David

Dottie and I drove to Memphis following morning services as we are headed to see her brother Jim & wife Linda in Fayetteville, Ar. The service at 7 Mile was ell received as this has been such a kind friend to Casa for years.

Wednesday evening we will be at Evergreen Baptist in Bixby, Oklahoma at 6:30 pm.


I cannot change my past but the Lord knows I wish I could. However, I can change the future by changing my thought patterns and actions today. The Book of Proverbs tells me to “Seek wisdom” and that means that wisdom is not automatic. We must have a desire for wisdom. One way to seek wisdom is to not allow negativity to arise in my life. It may mean that I have to avoid negative people and there are many of them.

People love to tell you what cannot be done. They look at the world through doubt filled glasses. Therefore I must choose my friends wisely and listen to the counsel of those who have insight into the things of God. I do not want someone to tell me that a hospital for critically ill children is too costly or too impossible to become a reality. I want those who can stand with me in faith.

When Joshua entered the Promised Land and arrived at the massive city of Jericho he told the people to “Shut up” and walk around the city. He knew that negative words by 10 of the 12 spies had brought fear and doubt to the Israelites and they missed the promise of God for 40 years and all of the adult males died in the wilderness.

Joshua knew that we talk ourselves out of miracles when we speak negatively. Thus I desire to surround myself with people who speak faith-filled words. I want to hear house parents say that a child is worth the effort, that no child cannot be salvaged, that eau child is a blessing to us at Casa. I never want someone on my staff who says a child cannot be changed by the power of God and the love of us who are engaged daily with the child.