Construction of a new Gringo dorm
Construction of a new Gringo dorm


I did not receive very good news from home as 3 of the girls in dialysis are not doing well. Sindy II had two seizures while undergoing blood dialysis in the hospital. Marjorie’s catheter quit working. Sinday I will have to go on hemodialysis as well as have a hernia repaired. so please pray for them.

Dottie and I are in Athens, Alabama where we will have services at 7 Mile Post Road Church of Christ Sunday morning at 9:30am and 10:30am.

We stopped and visited with Bill & Ann Hood. It has been so long since he came to Casa and yet he was one of those who had his hand in so many building projects including the overpass, both water towers and dozens of other projects. Since she has become ill they just cannot come to Casa.


So many folks have such a fear of failure that they never make a decision. Have I always made the right decision? No! I have messed up enough times to fill a book with the record of foolish decisions I have made. My parents are both dead and my heart aches to go back to the times I had an opportunity to make a difference in their lives. But I cannot.

My children have strayed from what they were taught and although they are doing well now I wish I would have been a better father, a better example, a better Christian when they were young. Decisions I have made over the years at Casa have not always been the best decisions.

However, I cannot fear making decisions in the future. I will not make the correct decision every time and neither will you but to fear failure will destroy your walk with God. Most folks I have spoken with are ‘on board’ with the building of a hospital to minister to critically ill children with kidney failure, cancer, Aids or childhood diabetes. Everywhere I go people are excited at this huge step of faith.

What if I am wrong? What if God has not spoken to me? Yes, that are the questions Satan throws at me. “Where are you going to get $500,00 PER YEAR to keep a hospital going? What if……………..?” ¬†That is his method is stopping plans of God. He throws doubt and fear as though he has no one else to pester but me.

The first decision is not what happens if… but what is God saying? If you know me you probably say “Why would God use Mike?” I used to feel the same way until I realized “Why not me?”. ¬†Dottie and I were in a service in Lafayette nearly 40 years ago when we heard an incredible testimony given by a gentleman from Mississippi. Dottie leaned over and said “Wow! That is some testimony!” I remember my response. “Yes, it is a great testimony but I WANT TO BE A TESTIMONY and not just hear of other testimonies.”

What do you want your life to say?