The good I want to do—I don’t. #3

Joy is contagious
Joy is contagious
They just "caught" Joy
They just “caught” Joy

Anthony is again very ill. He needs 24 hour surveillance so Sandra, his mother, will have to stay off of work for 30 days. Dr. Lou is helping me locate a specialist since there is no explanation apart from anemia for his passing blood in such large quantities.

Even though it is so stressful for us when we know these major inspections are coming, it is still a blessing to see staff and kids work together to get everything ready.


I studied psychology through 3 years of college and then 2 years in my Master’s program and finally another 2 years in my Doctorial program. I did not learn SQUAT that would help me to deal with everyday life and the real me.

I learned that the EVOLUTIONIST sees sin as immaturity and imperfection. I just needed to evolve more.

I learned that the GENETIC TECHNOLOGIST sees sin as nothing more than just undesirable behavior. Gene therapy can change that.

I learned that the HUMANIST sees sin as not so bad. Surely it is not catastrophic. “So what? I’m not perfect”. No absolutes. No right and wrong.

The HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGISTS sees no sin and only that man, himself, is his own god. Everyone is basically good.

The CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS sees no sin because there is no devil. Everything is positive. There are no negatives. Evil is an illusion and does not exist.

However looking at the men I mentioned yesterday. Sin was the basis of their actions and in nearly every case their deaths. Achan was a greedy liar. Samson was lustful and impetuous. Pilate was spineless. David was without self-control. Ahab and his ice, Jezebel, were hostile and without compassion.

But sin is sin. There is no denial of sin for any Christian. If we do what God says is sin we will be like Adam and try to hide from God. We deny how bad sin is because we measure sin by what others have done. I jokingly have said that at the judgment I want Hitler in front of me and Atilla the Hun behind me. That way I will look pretty good.

But pretty good is not perfect and only perfect people will make it into heaven. We are made perfect by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. It is not our works.