The good I want to do…I don’t! #2

Ben from California with dottie and me.
Ben from California with dottie and me.

We did receive a new 13 year old girl today.

Oscar came and showed me his presentation for his architect degree and the finished plans for the addition to the visitor’s dorm.


The attempt to hide our sins from others is really futile. King David committed adultery; killed Bathsheba’s husband and attempted to pretend he was a good guy. Most everyone was fooled. But God wasn’t!  I am sure that David felt he ‘deserved’ Bathsheba. He was king and therefore felt he as entitled to everything he wanted.

One of the children asked me why I was not rich since so much money must come to Casa from friends and churches in order to pay for food, clothing, medical, education, electricity, etc. They were serious with their question and I wanted to give them a serious answer. So I thought before saying this: “God has blessed me. He has made me the richest man I have ever known. Not only do I have a home, food, etc. but I have seen so many children come to Christ. Who could be richer than me?”

However I want to take it a step further. What I try to get my children to understand that it begins with tithing. Then you move to tithing AND giving extra. That tells God that He can trust you. You are not going to consume what you have on yourself. Maybe I do not own my own home or have a retirement plan or a bank account with a large balance. But what I do have is a heavenly Father who loves me and will care for me throughout this life into the next.

Am I entitled to anything as David thought he was? No!

Achan stole in his greed when God told the Israelites not to touch the items of the enemy. He felt entitled and died. Samson felt entitled and died. Ahab felt entitled and died. Pilate felt entitled and died.

Now listen!! Have I always been like that? No, no, no and a million times no. Selfishness made me think I was entitled. As the pastor didn’t I serve more? I felt entitled until one day God said “Do you want to live by what you are entitled to or what I want to bless you with?”

That was a no-brainer!!!