The Good I want to do–I don’t #1

Mynor (Orlando) helping us take Sandra to the doctor
Mynor (Orlando) helping us take Sandra to the doctor

The rules of the hospital state that a girl over18 must stay with the patient. So Katherine & Erica volunteered to watch Marjorie, Sindy & Keiser.

The little girls love the puppies so Sunday afternoon I brought them upstairs to hold them. All of the kids love to play with the two older puppies and the puppies, Spanky and Champion, are good “children” dogs especially for Dobermans.

Tim & Felipe woke up to drainage problems in the baby dorm. They had it fixed in a couple of hours.

We leave for the states in two weeks so Dottie is hustling to get everything ready for Sue as she and Larry will oversee our house with the 9 boys & 2 girls.


In Romans 7:19 Paul says “The good I want to do I do not and the evil I do not want to do, that I do”.  Did you eve order why you do what you really do not want to do? Why can I not get control of my bad habits? Many times I have blown up and “killed” someone with my anger and afterwards felt horrible and even sometimes unforgiven. I hate myself when I do what I do not want to do such as being angry or other sins. Romans 6:14 says ” Sin shall not have dominion over you.” Ha!! I have a sin or two that RESIDES within me. I hate them! I hate the fact I struggle after all of these years with things that should have long ago been under control. Let me just use the sin of anger. I have heard it all. I have even made the same excuses.  “I am Irish and temper is part of that culture” or “My mother had a vicious temper so I just inherited it from her.”  One of the dumbest excuses I have used is “I am so small that in order to have been a high school and college athlete I made up for it with a mean and vicious temper and a constant attack mode.” The truth is that anger is a sin and I ALLOW it to control me at times. To lie to myself and try to excuse my behavior is not profitable. The deliverance I seek will never come that way. I suppose in order to be perfectly honest with you (and at 71 years of age there is no reason to lie or pretend) anger is only one of those things I do that I wish I would not do. There is pride, selfishness, lust and gluttony to just name a few. These 5 sins of mine make me a very unattractive person at times. Oh, I hide them most of the time. But they are there.

I learned many years ago that:

When I sin and do not confess it for 1 day I know it.                                                                                                                                                                                  When I sin and do not confess it for 2 days Dottie knows it.                                                                                                                                                             When I sin and do not confess it for 3 days EVERYBODY knows it.