Miracle land—need your prayers

The dialysis children are not well. Marjorie is in the hospital with lung problems & is very ill. Sindy 1 is still there to have her catheter changed as is Keiser but Sindy 2 came home. They just need so much prayer.

I worked a little while in the Christmas bodega. Dottie & Estella have been separating jewelry for the older girls and I had some little girls wrapping gifts for the boys.

Sunday morning I will be preaching maybe the most important sermon of my life at Casa. It is not deep nor mysterious nor brand new. It is the 7 things that children need and what my older teens can do to make it a reality in our babies and younger children. It takes us all.

Oscar has his orals this week to defend his thesis for his architect degree. He has drawn the plans for our new visitor’s dorm as well.

Paco, one of the best young men, has moved in to help Alex and Sarah. God has truly shown Himself this week.

******Last night little Anthony, Bubba & Sandra’s son, who 6 months ago was thought to have cancer, began vomiting blood as well as defecating and urinating blood (more than I have ever seen) was brought to the hospital during the night. We will know more following testing.