Remember our Doberman had 12 puppies a few months ago. Well, she had 7 more today.

Alejandro, a teen, preached his first sermon last Sunday in a church in San Bartolome’ & they would like him to preach each week to the teens there.

I had a rough day with my back.

The NC team had a luncheon for the staff.


There is a boy here who has been a major source of problems for the last few years. He constantly has asked that I give him another chance. I am fed up with his rudeness and disobedience but moistly with his horrible example. He went to court Monday for the judge to remove him from Casa but the judge’s son was in an auto accident so is not working. Now various staff members are asking me also to give him a chance. The problem is everyone who is asking me to give him the opportunity does not have to live with him. But here I am teaching on mercy and I don’t have much in me right now.

You remember that Peter asked Jesus if he had to forgive someone 7 times and the answer in Matthew 18 was “70 times 7”.  He then told a parable concerning a king who forgave a man of the equivalent of $4,500,000,000. But the same man would not forgive his debtor of a measly $8000. He had been forgiven of a debt equal to 500,000 times more than was owed.

I prefer not to give you the conclusion now. I have to sleep on my own need to forgive.