Playing keep-away
Playing keep-away

I would like to invite you to consider helping a dorm with simple snacks, etc. With 3 of our Guatemalan couples now dorm parents of Buen Pator,(teen boys) Estrellitas and Doncellias (teen girls) they have no support for their children.

Tim has been having a series of MRIs & EEGs & we will have results soon.

Josue’ called early to tell me the Arkansas team is witnessing & giving out Bibles in Rio Dulce.

Five of our teens are the interpreters as they go house to house.


The Word of God talks about the Mercy Seat. The seat was the lid of the Ark of the Covenant. It is found in Exodus 25. It is here where we meet with God.

The mercy of God is where we are allowed to enter His presence. Our sins prevent us from entering but the mercy He has for His children as seen in Jesus Christ allows me to go into His presence.

This mercy allows me to communicate with God. I can pray and speak with God daily not because of who I am but because of His mercy.

This mercy allows me to receive forgiveness. Salvation is a one-time action but forgiveness is constant. That is why His mercy is new every day. I need forgiveness and mercy every day and so do you.

It is His mercy that allows me to come to know God. As I read His Word He reveals Himself to me.

Finally, His mercy allows me to have fellowship with God. He is my Father and He desires me to meet with Him and be with Him.

As you study and then accept His mercy your life will forever change.

Have a Seat!!!