Free time
Free time
Walking like papi
Walking like Papi

I have been feeling much better as we end the month. So with 5 weeks before leaving for the states I trust I will continue to improve.

We still have Sunday evening on September 7th open; Wednesday evening Sept 9th; Sunday evening Sept 21st and Wednesday September 24th. This last two dates we will probably travel to see Dottie’s family in Fayetteville, Arkansas so will be available up there.

We received another girl, age 13, today.



At this point all I can do is pray that I have made the right decision by changing four sets of houseparents. It was difficult for me but I believe that when we make things new it gives everyone a fresh start. In fact, that is what mercy is. God says His mercy is new everyday. That means I have a new opportunity to change and grow. This is my hope today!

In Psalms 136 EVERY verse ends with “For His mercy endures forever”. The writer of this psalm is celebrating God for remembering us and for redeeming us. It is all about the goodness of God.

God does not consume me.

God has given me a chance to repent.

God has forgiven me.

God has promised me heaven.

And ALL He asks of me is that I humble myself, repent, ask for mercy and forgive those who have offended me. You can never ask for a better position to be in. We take everything out of our hands and we pale it all in the hands of God.