We received another 13 year old girl on July 31st meaning we received an average of nearly a child per day throughout the month.

We finished the “goodie” bags for the teenage girls for Christmas although we will add jewelry, hair accessories & the like as we near December. Each bag currently contains 19 “goodies”.

The architect will come today to look at our buildings and what we can do to redesign dorms for medical facilities.

We received two little ones, brother 5 and his sister 4 years old.


Did you know that the word Bethesda means “House of mercy”. Mercy is one of God’s most beautiful works on the earth. I mentioned to you yesterday that Psalms 136 has every verse ending with “for His mercies endure forever”. I trust you took the time to read that Psalm.

Remember, also, that forgiveness of others catch the eye of God. David was guilty of 4 terrible sins when he was approached by the prophet Nathan. He was filled with lust, adultery, murder and a number of lies. Adultery and murder were both punishable by death according to the law. In fact, in Psalm 51:16, David asked God what he could do because David knew “Thou does not desire sacrifice else I would give it”. That means there was no mention of atonement for those two sins.

So David did what we all should do. He begged God for mercy. The result is seen in II Samuel 12:13 “The Lord has taken away your sin. You are not going to die”. Those are the words that are spoken over every human being who calls upon the name of the Lord for salvation.

And since His mercy is new every day God will keep giving it to us when we repent, forgive others and continue to walk with Christ.