Our old dentist, Gabby, here to help for a while
Our old dentist, Gabby, here to help for a while

One of the girls who left here years ago is Zoila. She got married and has 4 children with two of them studying in our school because Zoila lives near here. Her husband passed away and this morning she was devastated. Only God can bring peace in the midst of this painful situation. Pray for her.

The judge failed to show after we had worked so hard. Now we have to stay prepared until they come.

One of the teams is out with Adam and his ministry team giving food to the poor.

We finished up a week of prayer as we always do when a semester ends & a new one begins.

On Wednesday September 24th, 6:30pm, we will be in Bixby, Ok. at Evergreen Baptist.


I was thinking this morning how sad it is when folks will not receive the mercy of God. When they feel as though what they have done is without forgiveness they miss the rest of their lives. We all fail and we all mess up and we all hurt others and we all wish we could begin all over again.