Making Decisions #5

Dialysis children without Genesis and Keiser
Dialysis children without Genesis and Keiser

The Guatemala government declared a state of emergency for 16 states due to a drought & the report stated 500,000 children UNDER age 5 are in danger of malnutrition or starvation. Add to that the total family members & we are speaking of 2,000,000 minimum.

Jose’ & Estella arrived today for 2 weeks. Dottie & I tried to finish our shopping to stock the cabinets for the month we are gone.

The first architect plans showed a cost far above what I expected.


We have seen that in making Godly decisions we must esteem, choose and refuse. Now we see in Hebrews 11:27 that we must also “forsake”. Too many people are unwilling to act upon what they believe. They do esteem the things of God and they do value His Word and they do refuse certain negatives or “less better” choices. But do they use their feet?

So many people sit in services and hear something inspiring and walk to the altar when a call is given and even promise God they will do so-and-so. But the truth is few who hear and say they will are going to follow through on their promise. jesus even said in Matthew 22:14 “Many are called but FEW are chosen”. This simply means they will not act on what they know they should do.

Good intentions are everywhere but too often those intentions are never carried through. Head knowledge is worthless. It is FEET knowledge that God uses. To know and promise is only 1/2 a decision. All of us for the most part desire to do something for God. But desiring and thinking are a long way from doing. If everyone who ever promised God or their pastor something would have carried through what an unbelievable world it would be.

Now that you have esteemed, chose and refused it is time to act. You have to leave the old things behind and move forward. satan will bring fear and doubts. He will tell you that it was only an emotional decision and you need not follow through on your promise to God. It was amazing that in Hebrews 11:27 we read that Moses left Egypt “without giving a thought to Pharoh’s wrath(anger)”.

He knew that his decision would bring an entire nation–the most powerful on earth–against him. Fear will always be public enemy #1 against Christians who desire to move forward for Jesus. Fear of failure is the #1 weapon of the devil when God calls us.

Sadly dottie and I were not encouraged by too many people when we chose to come to Casa. Even more sad is the fact that after all of these years we still do not get much encouragement when we step out such as building this hospital. But fear of failure or fear of people cannot prevent you from following His call.