Making Decisions #2


Here is Oscar who passed his orals and will graduate in October as an architect.
Here is Oscar who passed his orals and will graduate in October as an architect.

Anthony is being tested & will enter the hospital on Monday. Has not vomited blood since last week.

All of the dialysis children except Keiser have returned back to Casa.

With the passing of his oral exam Oscar was one of three great things to happen. Tim is cancer free. Estella was asked by Andres to be his wife. He is a great Christian. We are so blessed for her. Estella is the girl ho lives in our home and helps to care for Michelle.

Adam took 20 boys to unload 3 containers for another ministry.

Graduation & Quinceaneras is scheduled for November 7, 2014 should you be planning to come.


Yesterday we saw the first step in making good decisions is to know God’s timing. Do not rush ahead of God but do not procrastinate either. Secondly,  In Hebrews 11:26, the word, esteeming, is used meaning to honor or hold someone or something special. It means you judge between two or more things. There is a good way to go but there is a better way to go. You need to look at how the decision you make now will affect you in the future.

I have struggled between what I want to do and what God wants me to do. Moses looked at the gold and power and no telling what else Egypt had to offer. He saw what it could mean to him to support Pharaoh and reject God. People do it every day. They choose the moment. It will feel good “now”.  A few minutes of sexual pleasure can cost us a marriage, our health and more. How sad to think a person will sexually abuse someone and the cost will be years in prison.

Satan wants you to look at the “now” whereas God wants you to look into the future. And if you are not in the Word you will not weigh your choices between what God wants and what you want. Is tithing important to you? Is praying important to you? Is honesty important to you? Just what is important to you? What do you esteem above all?

Our ministry chose the name “Build Your House On The Rock” many years ago. It was obvious to me that I did not want to build a marriage or a ministry on anything other than God’s Word.

Opportunities often place us in a position of choices. Neither direction would be bad but one would be the best spiritually. Dottie had a choice as to whom to marry. She had two other young men both very accomplished and both have had successful careers. Both of these men loved dottie and would have married her in a minute. Looking at the 3 of us anyone would say “Dottie chose unwisely”.  Mike has not given her a bog home, great financial security, etc.

But Dottie prayed and I was the answer to her prayers. It appeared foolish at the time and her older sister told her so. But no one who is spiritual would doubt that what God has done in Guatemala is because Dottie esteemed the will of God over her carnal desires.