Live GOD Loud!!!

Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. Luke 9:23

Hey yal
Here we go folks. Just an update from us. All is well we have had a blessed U.S. summer here in Guatemala with a lot of teams coming to bless the staff and our children. With construction work getting done and things getting cleaned and painted. From movie nights, to vbs, to praise and worship nights etc, with pizza, popcorn, icecream, smores . I think the kids had a good time and to all who came or has come thus far thanks and please know you have made a difference. On that note as a kid or staff member comes to your mind please say a quick prayer as GOD has allowed you to think of them for a reason. We have thoroughly enjoyed ministering along side those of you who have come and seeing our kids laugh, have fun, and most of all worship our Heavenly FATHER!!! Also Vilma and I were blessed to have my parents here for three weeks in July and then two of my cousins here for two weeks the day my parents left. So fun times…
On the outreach side of things we have been blessed to go to many different places and share the love and joy of JESUS over the past couple of months. Our young people have done an excellent job ministering through servanthood, songs and evangicubes. About two weeks ago a team came down and apart from their activities of foot washing and giving out shoes they went out and gave beens and rice one day to three different local areas. At the second stop they gave out shoes and actually washed kids feet allowing some of our youth to give out shoes and actually wash feet themselves. Some of the team members at our third stop noticed that some of the ladies who received beans and rice didn’t have any shoes so they notice they were close to the same size and gave the ladies their shoes, thus riding back to casa barefoot. Well the next day we had an outreach event about 2 hours out in a village and after we had ministered we started back towards casa. Three of the students rode in the back of the truck with all the equipment and the tarp because as we left it started raining. So as we crossed four creeks we picked up a father and his son who were carrying pretty big items on their backs in the rain. Not thinking anything of it I kept driving as normal and when the guys wanted off they hollered and got off the truck. We then moseyed on back to the house about a hour and when I backed up to the bodega to unload the truck at casa everyone got out and we noticed two of the three kids in the back didn’t have any shoes. So I asked them what happened they, with smiles on their faces, said the guys we picked up didn’t have any shoes so we gave them ours. Talk about humbling I was then reminded that we don’t only lead these kids by words and telling them things we do it by actions as well. Thus that yal is living CHRIST loud!!!
So thanks for all the prayers and support yal do for us we are blessed beyond measure because of your obedience to our LORD. Until next time(which hopefully wont be long) GOD Bless…

Blessings in CHRIST,
Adam and Vilma
“live HIM loud”