Depression #2

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Tony came home so Dottie and I are happy to have him back.

The results of my tests were very good for the blood tests and the urine tests as well as the sugar and prostrate. But the cholesterol was not good at all. But all-in-all I am happy. The x-rays left me nervous but I think it is less of a problem than I thought.

Many Christians experience depression but will not admit it. We want to make everyone think that we are strong in faith and never falter. But to be dishonest about our feelings makes it more opportune for the devil to attack. This dishonesty will allow Satan to steal your hopes, goals, dreams and joys of tomorrow. Even Elijah, one of the greatest of all prophets, went through depression. After the victory on Mount Carmel he went into depression following his face-to-face meeting with Jezebel. He said in I Kings 9:4 "Take my life". Eventually he hid in a cave. And that is the tool of Satan. He wants to isolate you from others. You do not talk to anyone. You stay indoors. You feel sorry for yourself and you fall into the dark abyss of self-pity. However depression is the result of something much deeper and if you cannot get to the root of what is making you depressed you cannot get delivered from its grasp. Depression is brought on by one of three causes. The first is physical. Physical causes of depression. I can tell you that sickness and lack of sleep are a deadly combination. I have not slept well since having my back surgery. I doubt that I average 4 hours per night. The pain has been continuous and wakes me up and I am unable to get back to sleep. Dottie says that I work too hard and am stressed too much. I have trouble allowing others to do things that I feel I am capable of doing. I had my sugar tested because people that are stressed normally overeat sweets, etc. It was in the high normal range so I am ok. The second and third reasons for depression are_______________and________________.