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Painting the school ground
Painting the school ground

As we end the month I want to tell you we have received a gift sufficient enough to purchase the land which we have done. Also it was enough to get us started on remodeling the dialyisis unit & converting another dorm for medical purposes. So God has provided %10 of the money we need.Jessica at jbroomjones@hotmail.com is the contact person should you want more information.

September is 2 months off & we still have these dates available. Sun, 7th, pm; Wed, 10th pm; Sun 21 pm; Wed 24 pm; Sun 28th pm. The 29th we will be in The Woodlands, Texas for a luncheon meeting & an evening meeting.

The teams are helping us prepare for a three fold inspection by Human Rights, Department of Education, Department of Health and the major personnel from the Children’s Courts. It is so critical. One team took some of our boys and helped a ministry in Santa Lucia.

Doraty left today for 6 months internship in Santa Rosa as part of her final year of education as a Physical Therapist.


Have you ever noticed how many people in the Bible were failures but repented and were restored and were then used by God? I think first of all about Paul who was a Christian killer, vicious hater of Christ and a member of the upper class. But he met Jesus, repented and proceeded to change the world forever.

We know that Abraham who became the greatest of all the Patriarchs lied about his wife and made other errors but finished strong. We know that Job let his guard down but repented and became twice the man he was before.

Peter denied the Lord and later after his repentance was used to build the foundation of the church.

But the guy I can most identify with is Samson. What a nut! Here is a man who had Godly parents, a call by God upon his life at birth, a special strength given to him by God blows it all for sex, booze and self-exaltation. Captured, enslaved and blinded he repents. He asked God to give him strength ONE MORE TIME and God did just that. He took down the pagan temple but had he been obedient to God from the beginning how different his life would have been.

As I get older I am somewhat thinking “God, help me ONE MORE TIME to make a difference.