Unusual Summer


Pizza Party
Pizza Party

Walter is at his home but still not able to remember much that has happened prior to the accident. Pray with us that he will recover soon.

The Americans have been awesome getting us ready for the inspections and now with Walter’s injuries we are all hard pressed to get things done. There have been many visitors and I pray they do not feel there were too many. We needed and need all of them.

I spoke to the children today about water baptism which we will have this Sunday morning.

You can add Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Lake Charles, La Sunday night Sept 28th to our schedule.


Reading the 2nd chapter of Philippians you see words that explain who we are in Christ or who we should be in Christ. I read the word ‘encouragement’ followed by ‘comfort, fellowship, tenderness, compassion, like-mindedness, same love and being one in spirit and purpose’. Christian unity is surely highly important to God. In fact, it may be the most import an thought of God for His family. When a family is not united there will be more problems than can be dealt with. Unity is necessary in marriage, churches and every Christian group.  I once was in a certain denominational church where if another church OF THE SAME DENOMINATION in our area had a revival or something special my pastor would have something in our church to keep anyone from supporting the other church. That is the height of disunity. It says “I do not want you to succeed. I do not want you to bless anyone else. That is my job.” Jealousy among churches and church members is deadly. Can you imagine if there were no church splits and only support and respect for one another. Christians outnumber Moslems but they are united (wrongly) whereas we cannot agree on much at all. Look at the list again and ask yourself if you are walking in those words and phrases.