Three truths if we are to win


Sweet hearts
Sweet hearts

Walter, our general director & such a dear friend, lost his mother who passed away in California. His dad said “The angels came and she flew away”.  She was a Christian so Walter will be with her again some day. He is a gift from God to Casa and me.

The teams have power-washed walls, cut grass, repaired and repainted both the play ground equipment & bunk beds, performed dramas, wrapped Christmas gifts, trimmed trees, cleaned gutters and all walkways and some roofs, ministered in the community, worked to finish Dottie’s storage building. They certainly helped us. It has been a good summer already with the labor and attitude of the different groups.

It is that time of the year when I am having to enroll the university students for the next semester.

Josue’ & Oscar took Dottie& me to a fancy restaurant.



I was not a great athlete  although I loved sports and still do. I as a starter in football, first team, even though I was small. Given a scholarship I was thrown into college ball with boys much larger. Although I was small I was fast. However, although they were huge they were fast also. So in time I learned what all successful athletes learn in any type of sports. Whether it is football, baseball, basketball, rugby or any team sport the three areas that must be in place for a team to succeed are a good offense, a good defense and a positive attitude.

Do you remember Paul’s decision NOT to go to heaven but to remain on earth because OTHERS needed him? That is the good offense. To work along with others in harmony with a common goal is truly the mark of a Godly Christian who does not care who gets the glory. Once in the state semi-finals I ran a TD back 85 yards and we won the game. When I turned t look at the field I honestly thought there was not even one of the opposing players on their feet.

My team had knocked each and everyone to the ground. A 10 year old could have run the ball those 85 yards and scored. The headlines on the following day were all about me. But my friends and I knew the truth. They played for the TEAM and were willing to share in the experience regardless of who received the credit.

Jealousy and the desire to always be first and in the headlines will destroy any team. Selfish players can never play team ball. The selfish player may get the awards but his team will NEVER win a championship.