The new land as photographed from the water towered
The new land as photographed from the water towered

We have a new staff member for a few months. Ana Beth is a nurse and will be helping in dialysis as well as the clinic.

A large group of folks from 5 different states dropped by and stayed 2 hours.

The Cherry Glade team is here and helping Adam.



Years ago  I had two friends who worked with me on a little local TV show called “Dr Mike & the Puppet Palace.”. I nominated them for deacon in the church I was attending and when the ballots were printed they were not on it. I was told that they had been married as teenagers & divorced BEFORE salvation thus making them ineligible. It hurt me to the core because they were two Christians who wanted to reach children for Jesus.

It made me start thinking of how the Christian army is the only army in history that kills its own wounded soldiers. What makes one sin so much more important than any other sin when even one sin will send us to hell without the blood of Jesus? There are so many sins that the average Christian commits yearly including me.

Anger, jealousy, unforgiveness, pride, gossip, impatience, ungratitude and —-well–you get the idea.

It seems like we have decided that there are sins we will tolerate and there are sins that we will not tolerate. Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ does not tolerate any sin. I was raised thinking there were BIG (mortal) sins and little (venial) sins. That division is what causes us to think of ourselves as better than others. “I never killed a man” or “I never raped a woman” or “I never robbed a bank”.  But Jesus made it clear that Mike Clark is a major murderer because He teaches us that to be angry with another person is the same as murder in God’s eyes. Therefore, I have left a string of dead bodies longer than Billy the Kid or Al Capone.

I am not better than anyone. It is the mercy of God-His forgiveness-His compassion-His sacrifice on the Cross that separates those who are accepted and those who are rejected. Comparing yourself to others will land you in big trouble.

By the way-those who said that my friends were ineligible to be deacons forgot that Jesus said that anyone who looks at a woman with lust is an adulterer. That pretty much settles it! All men are sinners. Thank the Lord daily for His forgiveness. And remember to have a little compassion for others.

John 8:7 “He that is without sin let him throw the first stone”.