Phase 1: the land

Phase one of the medical expansion is completed. Although I have the flu I got out of bed & Tim took me to the lawyer where we paid for the land & signed all of the papers.

Right before I left Dr Lou asked if we would take a girl, 14, and a boy, 16, in November who are receiving a transplant in the next few months. so God began even before I signed the papers for the new land.


Have you ever just sat and read Acts 13? This is a sermon of Paul that demonstrates what we as pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, etc should be doing. I am always amazed when I see that the entire city went out to hear him preach. Wow! In Lake Charels I could not even get everyone on the block to come hear me and there were only 2 houses besides my church.

Paul always went to the local synagogue when he entered a community. He was attempting to bring God’s Word to the Jews. He was not in competition with anyone or any church. He just wanted people to know Jesus. He will take the congregation from how the Lord dealt with Israel all the way through  the Resurrection of Jesus.

He wanted the Jews to understand forgiveness and salvation.  He warns them not to reject the work of God by rejecting Jesus.  many people clamored for more but…………………(tomorrow)