Abel and his fiancé
Abel and his fiancé

One of our boys who left a couple of years ago is doing well and visited me today. Abel was always one of the best and most dependable teenagers we raised.

Lee & Candy received still another child today. He is 11 year old Stephen. I believe they now have 67 boys total.



II Corinthians 1:3 says that God is the “Father of Mercies”.  Now a father is defined as a man who creates or originates. In other words Mercy is in the DNA of God. If you are born again then you should have the DNA of mercy in your character. God, Himself, is the originator of mercy. Lamentations says that we are not consumed because His compassion (mercies) fails not. The marvelous truth continues with “they are new every day”.

EVERY DAY we begin fresh with God. The Pharisee in Luke 18 said that he was worthy. The publican said that he was unworthy and needed God’s mercy. What is it in Christians that make some of them high and mighty and with an attitude that they are better than others?

First, they are personally deceived. This Pharisee said that “I am not as other men” yet God says ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Secondly, he was self-righteous and thought he was good within himself. Thirdly, he was insensitive to the Holy Spirit thinking that he had not personally transgressed.

Fourthly, he was an arrogant individually and finally he was hard of heart.

Any of these 5 attitudes in anyone will make them uncompassionate and unmerciful towards others. We all are sinners. We all need mercy. We all need to give mercy.