This father in Guatemala has a lasso around the necks of his two children and is teaching them to swim.
This father in Guatemala has a lasso around his two children and is teaching them to swim.

Keiser arrived! He is not 6 he is nearly 8 and the size of a 5 year old. He just ate so much when he arrived and seems to be so happy with Aroldo and the other children on dialysis. We also received 3 year old Jimena and brother 4 year old Justin.

After all of these months UPS sent the final papers to Customs so we should be able to go pick up the dental x-ray machine and equipment.

When Tim took the paper work to our lawyer for him to check out the titles (5 pieces of land) the lawyer laughed and showed Tim that he, our lawyer, was the one who had done the original paper work when the owner first bought the property. PTL! H will also combine all of our properties to one Title so that if I should pass away the board could insure safety to what God has provided.



Keiser's first meal at Casa
Keiser’s first meal at Casa

When Moses passed away God came to Joshua and said ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord is with you wherever you may go”. Have you felt afraid and discouraged and having little courage and strength.  Yesterday I shared with you about Winston Churchill and his words “Never Give Up” so let me look with you at a second hero of WWII, Franklin Roosevelt, who said to America “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

There are many forms of fear. Some of my children here fear change. They are used to living in turmoil so coming here is restrictive. I have found many Christians who are afraid to take risks. Fear can paralyze you. Fear can can bring stress and anxiety.

However, as a parent of so many children I have seen that children who walk in fear will usually make very poor decisions. Of course, it can even make a child make no decision at all.

My answer is to grab hold of God as tightly as you can. Be honest. Tell God of your fears and ask for courage. More tun anything realize that in Joshua 1 God says multiple times “BE NOT AFRAID”.  Take a chance! What is your dream? What are you afraid to do that you believe God is asking you to do?

Wayne Gretzky, my favorite hockey player in the past, said   “YOU WILL ALWAYS MISS 100% OF THE SHOTS THAT YOU NEVER TAKE!!”