Getting saved

Paco who is a university student who live in our house has a growth on his thyroid. Will be ultra sounded this mooring.

I am not feeling any better. The flu is kicking me.

What causes folks to look for Jesus? How do they answer?

I had a special need – 3%
I just walked into a church  – 3%
I liked the minister – 6%
I visited there – 1%
I liked the Bible classes – 5%
I attended a gospel meeting – 0.5%
I liked the programs – 3%
A friend or relative invited me to accept Jesus- 79%

NEVER LEAVE IT UP TO YOUR PASTOR!!! No one loves your family and friends like you do!!!


Yesterday we shared with you how jealousy was the root cause of the Jews rejecting Paul’s message of salvation in Acts 13 . There is a fable of an eagle that was so jealous of another eagle that he sled a hunter to shoot the eagle down with his bow. The hunter replied that since the eagle was flying so high he would need an extra feather on his arrow to reach it.

Immediately the eagle pulled a feather from his wing and gave it to the hunter who attached it and shot the arrow but it still would not reach the flying eagle. So the jealous eagle took two more feathers and when the arrows still did not soar that high he pulled 3 fathers and then 4 more feathers UNTIL he had no feathers left on his wing.

Now this eagle could no longer fly. I believe and have learned by experience that jealousy will hurt us far more than others. This eagle filled with jealousy allowed that sin to keep him from flying when his jealousy had wanted the other eagle to be slain.

The Jews made a horrible decision to reject Jesus because of their jealousy. That will happen to us also if we do not control the green eyed monster.