Artist, David
Artist, David

A group of boys helped me begin putting “goodie” bags together for the teenage girls for Christmas.

The seniors dressed like clowns and entertained the children in the baby dorm.

Adam took his outreach team to San Jose’ to minister.

The public hospitals are not taking patients because they no medicine.


This morning I was watching a new girl whom I could barely recognize. The night she arrived she was so abused and her face was beaten, discolored from blows and it was impossible to get her to smile. Today she was absolutely beautiful. What is the difference?

I believe that Jesus came to this earth because of His compassion.

I loved Mother Teresa. Her compassion knew no limits. Once a person told her as he surveyed her ministry to the lepers in Calcutta that “I would not touch one of these lepers for a million dollars”.  her response was “Neither would I”.

Do you know how many men in the Bible wept over others: Joseph wept for his brothers; David wept for Absalom; Paul wept for the Philippians; Paul wept for Timothy; Jesus wept for Jerusalem; Jesus wept for Lazarus and the list goes on. Do you weep for others? God desire that His children be merciful and compassionate.