Bus Violence


Building beds
Building beds
Teaching soccer players how to play baseball(with hands not feet)
Teaching soccer players how to play baseball(with hands not feet)

Tuesday a bus driver was killed in the city and this morning I woke up to phone calls from teachers there had been another driver killed between Patzun and Chimaltenango and 6 of my elementary teachers were stuck as the population was rioting. Their anger was directed at the police who do very little to help. In fact, 1% of all crimes ends in a conviction.

A 10 year old came early Wednesday morning & Gladys told me he was the 20th chip this month meaning we are receiving more than one child per day.

Baxtor, from whom we get the dialysis machines, wants to bring their staff help paint the inside of the dorms we are going to convert to medical facilities as we move forward to help more children. They also said they had a medical staff who wants to come and teach/assist Aroldo and those who work with him in the dialysis dormitory.

Walter went to the hospital & they will not re;ease him until next week possibly Thursday.


Did you ever have a fear of failing? Guess what—that is the number one cause that people do not trust God. When we first came to Guatemala there were no more than a handful of people who thought we were doing the correct thing. There were even wagers as to how long Dottie and I would stay in Guatemala with the majority all saying less than one year.

It seems like there are people who feel it is their job to throw cold water on other Christians. They prefer to criticize rather than pray.  The prophets taught that we should never fear the stares of man. As a child of God you simply obey your Father. God NEVER gives anyone a spirit of fear. Fear is the devil’s tool.

The spies who were negative saw themselves as grasshoppers when  God said they were capable of taking the land from the giants. It cost Israel 40 years in the desert and hundreds of thousands of deaths. I am sure that Joshua was so disappointed and discouraged as he and Caleb were ready to possess all that God had for them.

Thousands missed the best of God because of fear of failing.

Do not be one of them!!