The Perfect Will

My grandchildren Ozzie, Robert and Roxie who are visiting for 2 weeks.
My grandchildren Ozzie, Robert and Roxie who are visiting for 2 weeks.

Dottie and I stayed up late writing Christmas cards then got up at 3am to finish them so the Woodlands ladies can bring them back for Debbie. We have not taken the group photograph but will bring them in September to place in the envelopes.

This is prayer week in the elementary school and my day to pray was Wednesday and Dottie prayed at the school Thursday. Walter will have Friday.

We are excited because it appears LSU will consider a research program to discover why so many children in Guatemala suffer from renal failure. Dr Hines (USA) and Dr Lou(Guatemala) were connected today so we await the outcome.


We make decisions every day of our lives. Maybe some do not appear cry significant but there are some that can change our lives forever. Many bad decisions are made because we are impatient and simply “do what we feel at the moment”. ┬áIt may take time to discover God’s will but it certainly is worth the wait. If you draw into an intimate relationship with God He will not hide from you. He desires to speak to your heart and give you directions. David said in Psalm 40:8 “I desire to do thy will, my God, your law is within my heart”. THUS lies the secret as the Word of God was in David’s heart. The truth is that the average Christian has little time to study the Word and pale it within their hearts. Everything else seems to be most important and what time we may have left at the end of the day we quickly scan a verse or two. But if you desire to know and obey His will you must spend with God in both prayer and study of His Word. Wise decisions are made by discerning His will.