[caption id="attachment_3140" align="alignnone" width="300"]If you can recognize, AMALFI, ANGELINA, GLADYS and LAISA from 15 years ago you are an expert If you can recognize, AMALFI, ANGELINA, GLADYS and LAISA from 15 years ago you are an expert[/caption]

The Woodlands left today after being their usual blessing to our children. The Chicago team did work at a church near here and also worked in the Christmas bodega with us.

The Georgia team continues to bless the kids and cut limbs and will visit Dr Alb tomorrow.

Jim & Kate are the house parents for the older boys & their church sent $2500 to help purchase them a vehicle. If God lays it on your heart to help you can send it to Debbie in Lake Charles.

Today we had bak-to-back earthquakes. A 4.2 at 6am and a 5.4 at 6:30am. But no damage and no one hurt.

Your decisions are ultimately decided by what you desire the most. Do we chooe to please ourselves or do we choose to please God. The scripture I have used for 25 years here with the children is Isaiah 1:19 "If you are willing and obedient you will eat the fruit of the land". There are duel truths here. First, it is about our will.  When I make a choice I am communicating my will. Therefore, secondly, my will must be in koine with His will meaning I am going to obey the Lord in what He desires for me. God has an ideal plan for my life. The will of God is His heart's desire for my life. The will of God will always be pleasing and good for me. God does not want anyone to perish and spend eternity in hell. Therefore, He will demonstrate His will to anyone who repents. He allows us to exercise our wills. So if we are selfish we mess it up terribly. He is so clear! He tells me thatI can choose LIFE or DEATH. He will guide but not interfere.