Natural reaction


A number of folks have said they are having trouble with the new web page and getting to certain areas. A virus (heart bleed) hit the server. You need to go to Yahoo and update your computer.

God has blessed again as we will make a bid on the property this Friday. It is 1.7 acres and will provide what we need as we move forward.

My check-up today went well although I will need this metal brace for another month and then a different brace for 3 more months.



Josue in Honduras with Telemedicine
Josue in Honduras with Telemedicine

It is not natural for us to do things God’s way. Our flesh fights the Spirit. Paul said what is true for all of us in that “What I want to do I do not do and what I do not ant to do I do it easily”. If we continue to DO THAT WHICH IS NATURAL we will make big mistakes. Here is what I mean. Answer honestly!!

Do you wait too long before praying and asking God for His will? Often, I have seen myself doing all that I can do and then going to God later. Do you ask everyone you know for advice and fail to go to God in prayer? I have! Seeking natural advice will seldom produce the correct results.

Do you fail to look at the big picture? As you know Josue’s car was stolen. That is heart breaking! But the truth is we have had children shot to death for $5. I tell the kids that when confronted by a thief with a weapon give them what they want. I can buy another pair of shoes or even another car(used) but I cannot buy another child. So when things are happening that I cannot understand I must realize there is a bigger picture. The deaths of our 3 natural children hurt us so deeply but if they had not been ill Dottie and I would have possibly stayed in California where I would be retired today. Where would Casa be?

Do you ever consider what your decisions can mean to others? “It is my life and I will do what I want” is the world’s mantra and look at the divorce rate and dozens of other things that harm other people when we make such a decision. There are times I want to leave Guatemala and return to the USA and spend my remaining years with my children and grandchildren but how will that affect the children at Casa? IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT ME!!

Do you make decisions too quickly? I have and with those quick decisions I have done great damage to others. Making quick decisions usual leads to disaster. God is NEVER in a hurry.