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Remember Gloria, our first teenager? This is her husband who teaches in our school since her death.
Remember Gloria, our first teenager? This is her husband who teaches in our school since her death.


Pastor Dave wants to purchase rings for the high school graduates and asks that if anyone would like to contribute to contact him at

Tony took me to the mattress factory as we bought 50 mattresses and need them by Friday.

Then Tony, Becky & Crissy took us to lunch for Father’ Day.

I began making radio shows again so you can tell i am feeling better.



Continuing with the reasons our prayers ( and thus knowledge of His will) is not answered number 5 is found in James 1:5 where God says if we lack wisdom we need to ask. So when we are not prayer people who continue to talk to God things will be cloudy. You CANNOT go to God in prayer ONLY when you need something.

Sixth, James 1:6-7 tells us that even if we obey verse 5 and pray continually we must BELIEVE and not DOUBT. Incredibly many people do pray but do not truly expect God to answer. I remember I was in a church many years ago where someone stood and asked the pastor and congregation to pray for the healing of someone who had cancer. The pastor prayed this booming prayer. After services I happened to be new the pastor when he was speaking to another person and he said “We need to make sure we have the funeral preparations ready”. I was shocked because he had just prayed for healing. It became clear to me that not everyone who can pray beautiful prayers truly believe in their own prayers.

Seventh, Hebrews 6:15 “Waiting patiently, Abraham received” tells me that TIMING is important. Just because the answer does not come immediately when we pray we must hang in there until God gives His reply WHEN He know the time is right.

Finally, I Peter 4:1-2 says “If we suffer for the glory of God…..we will have access to the will of God”.  I do not know why Christians suffer but I do know that God can take ANY negative situation and turn it to His glory. And His glory is much more important than me getting what I want.