His specific will

My grandson, Michael, with new golf clubs
My grandson, Michael, with new golf clubs

The team helped us in the Christmas bodega and wrapped a number of gifts. Dottie and I are so far behind on purchasing gifts for the kids and time is wasting.

I have only had one response to my request to help build a small hospital/clinic for children on dialysis. Walter had a great suggestion as to how we can provide for such children. Please pray about it! Not one of us will take even ONE penny with us when we leave this world.


There are two keys to knowing God’s will for a given situation: 1) Make sure what you are asking for or considering doing is not something the Bible forbids. 2) Make sure what you are asking for or considering doing will glorify God and help you grow spiritually.

If these two things are true and God still is not giving you what you are asking, then it is likely not God’s will for you to have what you are asking for. Or, maybe you just need to wait a while longer for it. Knowing God’s will is sometimes difficult. People want God to tell them specifically what to do—where to work, where to live, whom to marry, etc. God rarely gives people information that direct and specific. God allows us to make choices regarding those things.

It does not mean that you do not pray and seek His will concerning things such as where to live, etc. but you are seeking PEACE with God rather than details. There are things I am not clear about but if I do what I know to do than peace comes. An example is that if a person wants to know whom to marry he must obey the Word that is clear on the subject. You cannot date a non-Christian expecting God to agree or give approval. It is clear in the Word that is not what the Lord wants for Christians.

If you are seeking His will concerning finances and you do not TITHE then forget it. God will not give you directions if you are not faithful to obey the very basis of financial blessing which is to tithe. So knowing His will requires obedience to what you do know.