Billy and Olga
Billy and Olga

We had not heard from the land’s owner so I am trusting that it i due to the fact he has a large family and is speaking with each of them. I am so impatient so pray for me and him.

Our daughters emailed from Lafayette that they arrived back in Louisiana safe and sound. dottie and I were so blessed to have them here for 2 weeks.

I cannot tell you how well the meeting with Dr. Lou went. He is a man of God with tremendous compassion. I know God will make this happen. Money has begun to come in for the dialysis construction so e can house and apply dialysis to 25 children. He suggested that we not do hemodialysis due to the fact that there should be major medical facilities due to infection & emergencies, etc. So we will continue to provide peritoneal dialysis (PD).  17% of those children with kidney failure can get NO TREATMENT at all from the government. Continue to pray that the goal of a million dollars will be reached by the end of the year. I received a donation today via email from a sponsor who said we need to shoot for 1.5 million.

We were able to move 7 little girls from the baby dorm to Billy and Olga’s dorm.

JUST RECEIVED!!!!    I am in awe of our Heavenly Father. Not only was a check sent for the property but look at this—“Very exciting. We need to act quickly, for the sake of those who are dying, and those who are yet to become sick.” Edward Trapido, ScD, FACE Associate Dean for ResearchWendell Gauthier Professor and Chair of Cancer EpidemiologyLSU School of Public Health. It appears that LSU is coming to do research!! God is good!


In the book of Ruth we see that we how love to others by sticking with them through the good and the bad. We show love by adjusting to them. It is not all about me. We show love by reechoing beyond our comfort zone Now we see that #4 we show love by encouragement both in word and actions. Ru†h told Naomi that wherever she went Ruth would go. The greatest encouragement is knowing you are not alone. Finally we see love in Ruth by the fact that she placed Naomi’s needs above her own.